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Southern Cayuga CSD Rambling Reporter

The Rambling Reporter is one of many ways to stay in touch with the latest Southern Cayuga CSD news, events, and education related timelines. Issues will be posted here throughout the year to ensure our Students, Parents, and Community are provided with current information as we make our way through the 2016-17 school year.
Rambling Reporter Issues

-Rambling Reporter (February 2015)
-Rambling Reporter (June 2015)
-Rambling Reporter (October 2015)
-Rambling Reporter (December 2015)
-Rambling Reporter (February 2016)
-Rambling Reporter (May 2016)
-Rambling Reporter (June 2016)

Patrick Jensen, Superintendent
Southern Cayuga School District
2384 State Route 34B
Aurora, NY 13026

Phone: 315.364.7211
Fax: 315.364.7863

Emily Howland Elementary
Phone: 315.364.7098
Fax: 315.364.7590

Jr/Sr High School
Phone: 315.364.7111
Fax: 315.364.8207