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SC Jr/Sr HS -- Guidance Office
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Phone: 315.364.7111 x2114 -- Fax: 315.364.8207

Welcome to the Southern Cayuga Jr/Sr High School Guidance Website

Ms. Lisa Carnicelli, Sr HS Counselor/College & Career Planning
Mr. Nate VanHall, Jr HS Counselor & DASA Coordinator
Ms. Kim Bergen, Guidance Office Secretary
Ms. Jayda Calhoun, NYS LMHC


SCCS Support Services Plan 

Community Student Support Services


2024-25 Grade 6-12 Program of Studies/Course Offerings Guide

2024-25 Sr HS Scheduling Guide Sheets

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12

January 8, 2024

Dear Students & Families,

Starting in January we will begin 2024-25 student scheduling. Our January schedule in below and additional scheduling times will be included on the website next month. 

December 22

Grade 12 scheduling process letter mailed home to all families of grade 11 students.

January 5

2024-25 Program of Studies completed and uploaded to the guidance website.

January 5

Course selection sheets uploaded to website for grades 7-12.

January 9, 10, 11

Grade Level 8-11 Graduation Requirements/Course Info Presentations during Advisories.

January 16

Scheduling begins with grade 11 students.

January 19

Senior high school scheduling process letter mailed home to grade 10 families.

January 22

Course Offering Day in the Gym for grades 8-11(tentative time 7:45 to 10:45am).


August 7, 2023

Dear Class of 2024 Students & Families,
We hope that everyone is doing well! As we come closer to the start of the new school year, there are a  few things we would like to remind Seniors about.  By this point, you should have a post secondary plan (college, trade school, military, workforce, apprenticeship etc...).  Mrs. Carnicelli spoke with Seniors about your plans and provided a framework for gathering information over the summer to prepare you for your Senior exit meetings in the Fall.  Here are some activities that may help you prepare to meet your post secondary goals:
Workforce and Apprenticeship
- Job Shadow
- Write a resume and cover letter (use Naviance to help with this)
- Interview someone in the field
- Use Naviance to search and explore different careers
College and Trade School
- Visit over the summer
- Participate in Open House Events
- Bring your transcript for review to ensure you have all the courses you need to apply
- Use Naviance to Super Match (discussed during class and individual meetings)
- Use Naviance to search careers and pathways
- Complete a resume
- Input honors/awards into Naviance to prepare for applications
- Decide if Early Decision and Early Action are of interest
- Sign up for SAT or ACT
- Meet with a recruiter to discuss details
- Prepare for the ASVAB
- Interview someone in the field
- Look into ROTC programs at colleges
Please use this link 
or visit the SCCS Guidance page on our website (under College/Career Info.) to complete your Senior Profile (due 9/8/2023).  This will help Mrs. Carnicelli during your interview and provide useful information as Mrs. Carnicelli will be writing evaluations/recommendations for all students.  You will also find other useful links.  If you are applying to college, please take some time to review the SCCS College Planning Guide and College App Timeline.  
Also, all students should have their Naviance login information.  If you forget it, please contact Ms. Bergen. 
Please use this link or visit the SCCS Guidance page on our website (under College/Career Info.) to complete the Senior Student Information Sheet (due 9/8/2023). The information you share about your child will be helpful when Mrs. Carnicelli is writing evaluations/recommendations.

Ms. Carnicelli, Sr HS Counselor
Ms. Bergen, Guidance Office Secretary 


January 9, 2023

Dear Grade 8 - 11 Families,

For a complete listing and explanation of courses available next year please visit the 2023-24 Program of Studies

To best assist students/families to make the proper course decisions, we will schedule a specific time for you and your child via in-person or Zoom meeting. A separate letter will be sent with your child’s meeting time -- we will begin meeting with Grade 11 students toward the middle of January. Students will meet with Mrs. Carnicelli, Sr HS Counselor, in the guidance office to review their course options. Please review the reverse side of this letter for our student scheduling timeline of events. We make every effort to keep the scheduling meeting to no more than 30 minutes.  If more time is needed, we can arrange a second time to meet.  Should you have any questions about the 2023-24 scheduling process, please contact Mrs. Carnicelli at 315-364-7111 x2114 or

Outside of the required courses, students have elective options, especially in the Junior and Senior year. Elective classes have been developed to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible while maintaining New York State and Southern Cayuga credit requirements. Elective course option overviews can be found in the Program of Studies guide. Many college credit courses are available to our students, especially in grades 11 and 12. We strongly encourage students to consider enrollment in these classes. In addition, on January 23 we will hold Course Offerings Day in the gym. It is an opportunity for students to meet with Sr HS teachers in an open format to review available 2023-24 grade level courses.  

Prior to finalizing schedules before the start of next school year, Mrs. Carnicelli will review every student’s course requirements to ensure that all NYS high school diploma expectations are being fulfilled. 

Luke Carnicelli, Principal

2023-24 Student Scheduling Timeline

January 18-20:  Meet with students in grades 8-11 during advisory to review 2023-24 courses and Program of Studies guide booklet. 
January 18:       Scheduling/post-secondary planning begins with all 11th grade students & parents/guardians.
January 23:      Course Offering Day (Gym), 7:45-11:00am – Grades 8-11. 
February:          College Planning Information Night for 11th grade students/families in the Auditorium. Date TBA
February 13:     Scheduling meetings begin with all 10th grade students & parents/guardians.
March 13:         Scheduling meetings begin with all 9th grade students & parents/guardians.
March 30:         Sr HS scheduling information for 8th grade students during advisory – Course and graduation requirements.
March 31:         Sr HS course and graduation requirements video emailed to 8th grade families. 
April 10:            Scheduling meetings begin with all 8th grade students & parents/guardians.

Sample Schedule Sr HS (Grades 9-12)
Total Credits needed for graduation: 26

9thGrade                   10thGrade                            11thGrade                            12thGrade
English 9                   English 10                             English 11*                           English 12
Global Studies 9        Global Studies 10*                 US History & Gov’t*               Government
Algebra 1* or
Pre Algebra             
Algebra 1* or Geometry*         Algebra 2* or 3rd Math            Economics
Earth Science             Living Environment*              Chemistry* or 3rd Science                             Physics* or Elective
Spanish 2 or Elective               Health/SH                              Elective                                  Elective
Art/Music/Tech         Spanish 3 or Elective   Elective                                  Elective
Elective                      Elective                      Elective                      Elective                     
PE 9/Lab                   PE 10/Lab                             PE 11                                     PE 12  
Total Credits: 7.5      Total Credits: 7.5      Total Credits: 7.5      Total Credits: 6.5

* Indicates Regents exam that must be passed with a 65 or higher
* IEP students may receive a 55+ on Regents exams for a local diploma

Sample Schedule Jr HS (Grades 7 & 8)

7th Grade                                                 8th Grade                               
Advisory Advisory
*English 7                                                       *English 8       
*Social Studies 7                                     *Social Studies 8
*Math 7 or 7E                                                *Math 8 or *Math 8E
*Science 7                                                  *Science 8                 
Lunch                               Lunch                                                    
*Explorations 7
*Spanish 1      
Band and/or Chorus/SH  
Intro Spanish/PE                                            
Band and/or Chorus/PE                               
Studio Art
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